GlucosCare® Tea

GlucosCare® Tea is scientifically formulated from 2 plants – Gymnema Sylvestre and Camellia Sinensis.

Benefits of Consuming GlucosCare® Tea

  • Prevents excessive sugar intake
  • Helps to regulate and control the level of blood sugar in one’s body
  • Helps to control body weight

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Before drinking GlucosCare Herbal Tea, my blood sugar was between...

Cik. Norhayati Binti Saiman

Mr. Poh Kam Wai alias David Fong says that he has been suffering from diabetes...

Mr. Poh Kam Wai alias David Fong

About us

Founded in January 1999, GlucosCare International Pte Ltd specialises in the research and development of glucose-management herbal tea products.